A Really Detty December in Agege: Clothe-a-Girl-Child Project (Lagos, December 2021) – Photos

The second day of the clothe-a-girl-child project outreach is a lot bigger in reach and scope than the first-day Ogun State edition, which has already been photo-documented here. While the Ogun State edition took place in a relatively small private school compound and served just about 300 people, the Lagos State edition took over the entire Agege Stadium by storm.

Without exaggerating, more than 1000 women and girls ranging from infants that were brought by their mothers to elderly grandmas who were so old they had to be helped into the venue. Although the scope of the project did not include these elderly women, we could not easily send them off when they showed up for the program. None of the items distributed, either the sanitary package for adolescents or the party packs for kids, were useful to them but it turned out that they were there mainly to collect items for either their neighbor’s kids or their own grandchildren.

The first few set of people for the Lagos edition got packs of food items containing mini bags of rice and 2 liters of vegetable oil as extras together with the clothing items they got. You could see the satisfaction on their faces when they picked clothing items to their taste, but the joy that took over their countenance when they eventually got the food items were priceless. They burst out into prayers in the Yoruba language, I could not stop myself from being deeply touched knowing how much this meant to them. Even though these items look small and might be overlooked by the average Nigerian,Check on, https://professoradiana.com/2020/09/19/dilemma/ these people do not have that luxury. This shows how very important a project like this is to the right target of Africans.

Live recordings of the event were captured on the organization’s Instagram account here and here. Find photos from the event gallery below.

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